Baby panda at San Diego Zoo now crawling, starts learning how to walk (Video)

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The baby panda at San Diego Zoo is now crawling as it starts to learn how to walk, as shown in the video below. Zoo officials reported that the male panda cub is now on its Exam # 9 has grown significantly since Exam # 1 on August 23, 2012.

Baby panda San Diego Zoo

Baby panda at San Diego Zoo (Exam #9)
Image Credit: San Diego Zoo video

According to the post at the official blog of San Diego Zoo on Thursday, October 18, 2012, the still unnamed baby panda is now 11 weeks old and measures 21.6 inches (55 centimeters) long. His weight is now 7.2 pounds (3.3 kilograms). Although it was its weight last week, he is now more active.

“He squeaks, he blinks those baby eyes, and he’s learning to walk! Our panda cub boy is taking the ‘next steps’!” A statement reads on the YouTube description, with San Diego Zoo uploading new videos every after exam taken to the baby panda to update the public.

PK Robbins, the attending veterinarian, noticed that the baby panda’s his little canines are starting to come in under his gums, and he is starting to get a spot on his tail.” Jennifer Becerra, a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo, wrote at that day.

“This little guy definitely loves the camera, as he was trying to crawl toward our Zoo photographer, during the entire exam, raising one front paw, followed clumsily by the other. His physical development is on track for a panda his age. He is just starting to stand up on all four paws and is working on his balance.” Becerra added.

During its 7th exam last October 4, the baby panda opened his eyes and ears and zookeepers gave him ‘sausage’ as his nickname. Based on Chinese cultural tradition, the giant panda should be 100 days old, which will be in in mid-November, before giving him a name.

The cute baby panda was born on July 29, 2012. He is the sixth cub of 20-year old giant panda named Bai Yun and is the fourth panda in the San Diego Zoo, along with Gao Gao and Yun Zi.

Baby Panda on its 9th exam
Video Credit: SDZoo/YouTube

Baby Panda on its 8th exam
Video Credit: SDZoo/YouTube

Baby Panda on its 1st exam
Video Credit: SDZoo/YouTube

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