Baby girl stolen from hospital in New York 23 years ago reunites with mother

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A baby girl named Carlina White was stolen from a hospital in New York 23 years ago, but recently reunited with her real mother, as published in different US news sites on Thursday.

According to the report, a mother named Joy White brought her 19-day old baby girl to Harlem Hospital in New York due to high fever on August 4, 1987.

Carlina White (Nejdra Nance)
Photo credit: Xanthos/NY Daily News

The sick baby named Carlina was admitted in the hospital and Joy went home for awhile to take some rest.

However, she was shocked when she came back because she learned that her baby disappeared and apparently stolen.

The incident was immediately reported to the police and made headlines, but the case was not solved even after a series of investigation was made, which became cold as years went by.

Joy White has been searching for her lost baby all along, using only a single picture of Carlina, barely three weeks old.

While Carlina White was growing up, whose name became Nejdra Nance and was raised in Connecticut by her abductors, she somehow sensed that the family she is with was not her real one, especially when she asks for her birth certificate but always denied.

She then began to make her own investigation to prove her doubts until she recently saw a photo of a baby girl at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website, which she believed to be her.

Carlina, now also a mother of a 5-year old girl, asked for help from the agency to have connection with the mother of the baby photo she saw, who incidentally was Joy White, and later sending photos to her when she was a baby.

On January 4, 2011, Carlina and Joy talked over the phone and agreed to undergo a DNA test.

But Carlina told reports that she could not wait long enough, and decided to see Joy in person, who also believes she is her long lost daughter.

Later, the NYPD revealed that Carlina‘s DNA test matched with Joy and Carl Tyson, Carlina‘s father, whom he and Joy is now separated. This means that Joy White and Nejdra Nance or Carlina White are indeed mother and daughter.

Nevertheless, reports said that authorities are not commenting about this case further but told that it is now under deep investigation.

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