Baby ghost caught on camera in a haunted house, UK resident claims (Photo)

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An alleged baby ghost (or toddler ghost) was recently caught on camera in a so-called haunted house, as shown in the photo below, as claimed by John Gore, a resident of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in South West England.

‘Baby ghost’ caught on camera
Image Credit: via Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail on Monday, June 18, 2012, John Gore was taking photos of his pet cats when one of them scratched at the wall and jumped in the area where the small figure that looked like a baby or toddler appeared in the picture.

As noted in the report, Gore, 43, and his girlfriend Sonia Jones, who live together in that house, named the ‘baby ghostJohnny Junior after learning from their neighbors that someone lived there a couple of years ago and had a baby who passed away of cot death.

“One of my cats kept scratching at the wall and jumping up in the area and we’re always taking pictures of the cats. When we got it through we were surprised to find the little figure just stood by the sofa.” Gore was quoted in the report, noting that it is difficult to identify whether the ‘baby ghost’ is a boy or a girl.

Mr. Gore added that they have also encountered some strange things inside their house such as sudden changing of channels of their TV and turning itself off; but stressing out that they do not have plans to leave the house since he and Sonia believe that ‘Johnny Junior‘ is a friendly ghost.

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