Baby falls eight stories with mom from apartment window in New York, survives

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A baby falls eight stories from an apartment in New York this Wednesday, March 13, 2013. According to CNN affiliate Pix11, a woman fell on the street with her baby from a window of the 8th floor of an apartment building in Bradhurst Avenue in Harlem. The baby survived, but the woman did not make it.

NY apartment where baby fell 8 stories

NY apartment where baby fell 8 stories, with her mom
Image Credit: Pix11 video

As noted in the report, bystanders were shocked when they saw the woman and the baby on the street. The woman was later known to be a 45-year-old mother, who was holding her baby, when they fell on the ground. The mother was pronounced dead, and the 10-month baby is now being treated in a local hospital.

“I heard like a small scream, like a yell, and I noticed something falling from the sky. The baby bounced off her chest onto the floor, face down and was crying. My mother tried to pick up the baby, but there was already a detective there, and it was his responsibility after that.” Steven Dominguez, who witnessed the incident, told the report.

“Yeah, I wish I never witnessed that. But I wish I nobody ever has to witness that. It’s disturbing, and horrible.” Dominguez added. ABC News reported that the mother was identified as Cynthia Wachenheim and the baby was her son named Keston.

“I came home, they were arguing. I actually stopped to listen, and I heard screaming and the baby was crying. He just kept saying why wouldn’t you pick up the phone, why would you put that stress on me?” Another witness named Christian Johnson told Pix11, adding that he heard the man 3 hours before the incident.

As of this writing, local police are still conducting a thorough investigation. Nevertheless, Pix11 noted that a source from the law enforcement told them that the mother was alone when she jumped out from the window with her son. Baby Keston had injuries but is now recovering in the hospital.

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