Australia’s Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns, citing lack of support from PM Julia Gillard

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Australia‘s Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigned from his position on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 and cited the lack of support from Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Kevin Rudd, announcing his resignation as
Foreign Minister of Australia

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As noted at US news sites that day, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd announced his resignation from office at the at a press conference in Washington DC, where he had earlier met US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

According to reports, Mr. Rudd, who resigned as Australia‘s Prime Minister in 2010 and as Australian Labor Party leader and was succeeded by Ms. Gillard, left his position due to political tensions and is being speculated to seize power from the current leadership.

“I cannot continue to serve as foreign minister if I do not have the prime minister’s support and so I have decided to do the honorable thing and the honorable thing is to resign,” Kevin Rudd was quoted in his speech.

“Over the days ahead I will be consulting openly and honestly with my family, with my community and my parliamentary colleagues, taking their council on what I should do next, on what my next step should be.” Mr. Rudd added.

“The truth is, I also feel very uncomfortable doing this from Washington and not in Australia. But I don’t feel that I have a choice. While I am sad to leave this office, I am sadder still that it has come to this.” The 54-year old politician explained, noting that he would make a full statement on his future when Parliament resumes next Monday.

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