Australian State Poll Candidate, Stuart Baanstra, Disrobes in Support of Unclad Groups

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Stuart Baanstra, an Australian State poll candidate, has disrobed in central Sydney building in support of the nudist community.  This was disclosed by international news sites March 11.

Baanstra was running for a seat in the upper house of New South Wales. His campaign platform was:

“The right to be nude, anywhere, anytime.”

and that

“Nude is not rude.”

He was clad in a black g-string when he disrobed.

The term “Naturists” however is used, especially by European members because according to them, it connotes a “family-oriented cooperative philosophy.” There are several existing ‘colonies” which vary from mandatory “no clothing” rules to involuntary “clothing-free” rules, where members may opt to strip or not. There are also a considerable number of beaches which accommodates members of the Naturist communities.

In France, some families spend time in a summer naturist camp, where adults and children alike, romp with or without clothes. Likewise in the US, Canada and North America, more and more Naturist communities are created as more members are accepted.

Baanstra further stated that he was supporting the right of “people to live without clothes.”

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