Australian Flood Hero Jordan Rice Saves Brother

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Toowoomba, Brisbane, AustraliaJordan Rice is now considered a hero after he sacrificed himself to save his younger brother from the Australian flood. According to reports, he was supposed to be the first to be rescued when their car carrying Jordan, his mother Donna and his brother Blake was stucked in the middle of the road as the flood rose rapidly. However, when the rescuer tried to pull Jordan out, he insisted to save his brother Blake first.

Jordan Rice
Jordan Rice
Photo Credit: Australian Daily Telegraph

Unfortunately, before the rescuer could return to the car to save Jordan and his mother, the rope the rescuer was using snapped. The car flipped over and Jordan and his mother Donna were swept away by the flood. Both of them did not survive the incident.

Jordan was swept off. As soon as he went, Donna just let go, you know, trying to clutch at Jordan. The poor little boy, they just both dr0wned.” John Tyson, Jordan‘s father was quoted saying.

“He (the rescuer) went to grab Jordan first, who said, ‘Save my brother’. I can only imagine the fear coursing through his body. Courage kicked in, and he would rather his little brother would live,” Kyle, Jordan‘s older brother told The Australian newspaper.

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