Australians to Expect More Floods This 2011

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Flood is definitely not the best way to start 2011. But with the people of Australia, they need to learn to live with it for the coming days as the worst prediction is still to come. This is according to International news sites. The heavy rain started hitting the central and southern parts of Queensland just before Christmas. The catastrophe is not yet done as authorities expect the condition to worsen this weekend. Already hard-hit by flood, the waters is expected to peak to about 9 meters in the coming days.

An estimated number of 70,000 people from the Town of Rockhampton have already been isolated due to the rising waters. The flood is the worst after almost 60 years and affected 200 homes and 3000 properties. If Rockhampton prepares for a massive evacuation, the town of St. George braces itself for flood peak of 14 meters.

The low-lying state of Queensland is Australia’s coal-producing capital in the northeast. It is exposed to the changing weather patterns in the Pacific. The natural disaster crippled the coal mines industry. It forced many of the mines to close and may not be in operation in the coming months, the ministers said during an emergency Cabinet meeting. According to Wall Street analysts, the flooding can cause a price hike in the coal and even affect the global economy.

The total estimate of damages including cost of private properties and public infrastructures can reach to more than $5 billion. But until everything dries up, the extent of damage will not be very clear.

The international community has offered help to the flood-ravaged communities. The residents are filing their sandbags to prepare for the worst floods. With the current effect of the heavy rains, Senator Barnaby Joyce is talking about the possible strategies to prevent future mishaps. Building dams to reduce water build up is one of his suggestions.

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