Australia Asylum Riot: Asylum Seekers Burned Down Nine Buildings

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Australian Asylum Seekers Riot
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The unrest and hopelessness of some of the asylum seekers in Australia had reached its peak as a riot erupted in the detention centers, various news sites reported, April 21, 2011.

The asylum seekers were apparently enraged when their request was rejected by the Australian government. These refugees come from war torn Afghanistan, Iraq and Sri Lanka among others.

The Australian government through Sandi Logan, the Immigration Department spokesperson, stated that every detainee’s case is being attended to. Adding further that

”…we can’t say ‘yes’ to every claim that’s made.”

The rioters had burned down nine buildings, and it took sometime before firefighters could control it, but no one was reportedly killed. Some detainees stayed on rooftops with the message , “We need help.”

The rioters claimed that “It was not act of absolute desperation.”

Australian authorities warned that those who have participated would face criminal charges which would further endanger their application for an asylum in Australia.

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