Audi A3 car frozen while parked at Manhattan Street in East Village

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Residents were shocked to see a parked Audi A3 frozen car in the East 2nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues on Monday, January 24, 2011. The frozen car was covered with at least six inches of ice.

According to Pete, the owner of the frozen car, he parked the car in the street on Friday night. Over the weekend, a leaking pipe under the Manhattan street created a sinkhole in the pavement and forced water to bubble up and freeze over the car. By mid-morning of Monday, the DEP turned off the water service within the area and started repairing the broken pipe.

Pete tried to scrape off the ice with a hammer and screw driver to no avail. He was able to get inside his car and start and heat up the engine with the help of a DEP backhoe that was used to crack the ice around the car.

Below is the statement provided by Pete to international news sites.

It could be worse like if that was me or a family member covered in ice that wouldn’t be good; so it’s all relative.

Upon seeing the frozen car, Lorraine DAgastino, a worker in the East Village, could not believe her eyes and ‘thought it was fake.’

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