AT&T no contract service via Aio Wireless launched

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AT&T launched this Thursday, May 9, 2013 its new wireless service, called Aio Wireless (pronounced Ay-Oh), which will provide no-contract talk, text, and data to its customers. As mentioned at the FAQ page of Aio Wireless website, this AT&T no contract service will start in Houston, Orlando, and Tampa.

AT&T no contract Aio Wireless

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Aio is not an acronym. Aio is based, in part, on the Latin meaning of the word “aio,” which means “I say.” It also is associated in many languages as a greeting, or a way to say hello. That led to our tagline, “Say hello to Aio and a new way to wireless.” A statement reads at

Aio is providing first-class, unlimited service at a value price offering great devices (smartphones, feature phones, and tablets), a differentiated customer experience, and nationwide talk, text and data service with no annual contract.” Aio Wireless added.

Aio has listed the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Express, and Nokia Lumia 620 as among the smartphones that are included in the AT&T no contract service. Independent dealers will be adding more stores in the mentioned cities over the coming weeks and to more U.S. cities over the next year.

Aio Wireless is targeting consumers who prefer no annual contract and want a first class wireless experience at a value price. It’s not a matter of demographics; it’s a matter of targeting a segment of users whose needs are not being met.” An Aio Wireless spokeswoman was quoted telling to

“We saw there was an unmet need among value-conscious wireless customers who want unlimited nationwide voice, text, and data service and a first-class experience with no-annual contract. We decided to go after that unmet need and we built a service around answering it.” The spokeswoman added.

Aio noted that pricing for each plan will vary according to the market and will range from $35 for 100MBs and $70 for the 7GBs. The public is being invited to sign-in at or enter their ZIP Code to know if their area is already covered with this AT&T no contract service.

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