ATR 72 Aircraft: Technical Failure Possible Cause Of Russian Plane Crash In Siberia

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ATR 72 aircraft
ATR 72 Aircraft That Crashed
Image Credit: Reuters

Technical failure is the possible cause of the recent plane crash of a UTair ATR 72 aircraft near the western Siberian city of Tyumen on Monday, April 2, 2012.

According to reports, the captain of the passenger plane decided not to have the ATR 72 aircraft treated with anti-icing liquid before take-off. Investigators considered that the possible cause was an accretion of ice or frost on the plane’s fuselage, which can disrupt air flow over the wings and jam ailerons.

“Usually the captain of the aircraft makes the decision, as is his right. If he considers that the aircraft needs de-icing, specialists are called in. In this case, it was not done.” Vladimir Nyesmachny, the deputy head of Roshchino airport was quoted saying in a report.

Meanwhile, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in a report that some witnesses saw smoke coming from the plane’s twin engines. In addition to this, the behavior of the crew who turned the aircraft back towards Tyumen airport trying to make an emergency landing after take-off supports their theory.

At least 31 people onboard did not survive on the crash while 12 survivors have been hospitalized with serious injuries.

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