Athlete Grandfathers 100m Race: Emiel Pauwels and Ilmari Koppine, both in their mid 90s, run (Video)

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Emiel Pauwels of Belgium and Ilmari Koppinen of Finland, who are both in their 90s, recently competed against each other in the 100-meter race at the 2013 Veteran Games in San Sebastian, Spain. The two athlete grandfathers wowed the crowd for their showing their stamina, as shown in the video below.

Emiel Pauwels 100m race Ilmari Koppine

Emiel Pauwels (in black short) and Ilmari Koppine
at 2013 Veteran Games 100-m race in Spain

Credit: YouTube screen grab

As noted at Dutch news site this Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Emiel Pauwels is 94 years old and Ilmari Koppinen is 95 years old. Nevertheless, the two elderly athletes managed to maintain their running power and finished the 100-m race; and both of them were really incredible considering their old ages.

As shown in the start of the video, Pauwels was born on December 22, 1918, and Koppinen was born on January 8, 1918, making Pauwels 11 months younger than Pauwels. And upon the signal, the two veteran athletes run with their strength and the crowd can be heard cheering and clapping their hands.

Koppinen, who is at Lane 3 and wearing blue shorts, started faster than Pauwels, who came along not quite behind. However, things started to change when the two athlete grandfathers are getting close to the finish line, with Pauwels can be seen surpassing Koppinen and eventually won the race.

According, Pauwels, who raised his hands as he gets closer to victory, started to be an athlete at the age of 14. He said that he was engaged in a lot of sports including High Jump, Long Jump, and javelin throw, but joined Walk, long and high jump, javelin, but never became a professional.

“I have been competing against him (Ilmari Koppinen) for a dozen times, but he always beat me…but this time I have been acting like a cunning runner.” Pauwels told the paper, noting that he is not interested in computers and exercising is his priority. He does not mind being an instant internet sensation.

“Do you know what the recipe for a long life? Good breakfast. I start every day with a glass of water, a banana, two oranges, four sandwiches with chocolate and a chocolate bar. Yet I weigh only 60 pounds.” Pauwels added, who became a widower four years ago.

Emiel Pauwels and Ilmari Koppine on the 100-meter race
Video Credit: Francisco Pino/YouTube

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