At least 50 cats for sale to medical students, rescued in Quezon City (Video)

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Quezon City, Philippines – At least 50 cats which were supposed to be killed, and for sale to medical students have been rescued in Quezon City (QC) on Tuesday late evening, according to local news reports.

Apparently, a concern citizen of Barangay Talipapa in Novaliches informed authorities that four men have been roaming around in their area catching cats and bringing them to their truck, at around 11pm.

Police then arrested the cat hunters who were later identified as Roberto Rasalan, Johnny Yee, Archie Garcia, and Arturo Tarlac, while the rescued cats were brought to Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (PSPCA).

If the cats were not rescued, they were supposed to be sold to a certain Artemio Sanchez, who was said to have agreed to buy the cats for P30 (about $0.75) each.

Authorities told the news that Sanchez might be a cat supplier to medical students, who will use the cats for
laboratory experiments and willing to pay him for a much higher price.

Below is the news video (in Filipino) from GMA’s ‘Unang Hirit’ on Wednesday morning.

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