Artist Slinkachu Creates Miniature Street Art Photography (Photos)

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Slinkachu, a London-based artist has been featured in several news sites and in The Art Street Journal due to his amazing photography scenes entitled “Little People Project“.

According to, Slinkachu started installing tiny miniatures and immortalized them with his camera in 2006.

Slinkachu was said to have taken photos with his tiny miniature in cities around the world and would leave his miniature to be kicked or taken away or noticed by other people.

“I don’t hang around to see what happens to the work. I don’t want to know. But there is a strange kind of buzz to abandoning your creations on the street,” Slinkachu was quoted saying in reports.

Just recently, Slinkachu had an exhibition at Andipa Gallery in London which runs from March 3, 2011 and lasted until April 2, 2011.

Reports said that Slinkachu prefers not to reveal his real name. He is a former London-based art director who started it all as a hobby.

The miniatures of little people were said to be less than 4cm tall and almost invisible from walking height. Here are some of his art works courtesy of Slinkachu‘s official website. Click next page for each image.

Slinkachu Little People Photography
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