Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Return To Acting After Seven Years As Governor of California

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger announced on his Twitter account @Schwarzenegger that he will start accepting offers again from filmmakers as a confirmation that he will be returning to his old acting job.

Schwarzenegger served as California governor for seven years, from 2003-2010. Before joining politics, Schwarzenegger was a former body builder and became a popular actor with blockbuster films that include the ‘Terminator‘, ‘True Lies‘ and comedy the films ‘Kindergarten Cop‘ and ‘Twins.’

Entertainment Weekly reports that Schwarzenegger‘s personal aide, Daniel Ketchell, has confirmed the former Governor‘s tweet on Friday, February 11, 2011.

In an earlier interview, Schwarzenegger said that is looking at three different projects and this include ‘With Wings as Eagles,’ where heĀ  would play the role of a WWII German soldier who disobeys orders and begins rescuing prisoners of war.

Below is Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s tweet about his return to acting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tweet
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