Armless Pianist Liu Wei won China’s Got Talent for You’re Beautiful (Video)

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A 23-year old armless pianist named Liu Wei won in China’s Got Talent after performing You’re Beautiful on Sunday, international news reported.

Liu Wei sang You’re Beautiful, a song by James Blunt, while playing the piano using only his toes, which was highly applauded by the audience at Shanghai Stadium.

Apparently, Liu Wei lost his both arms when he was 10, after suffered an electrical shock while playing hide-and-seek with his playmates.

But although his arms were amputated, he decided to pursue a career in music, at the age of 18, reports say.

The armless pianist from Beijing, China was also said to also be using his feet to eat, brush his teeth, dressing up, searching the Internet, and others.

Nevertheless, Liu Wei’s strong determination was highly praised by the three judges on the show, as they told the talented young man not to stop pursuing his dreams.

As part of his prize, Liu Wei is said to receive an invitation to play as a guest performer with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, and also has the chance for a performing contract.

On his first appearance at “China’s Got Talent,” Liu Wei received a standing ovation from the audience; most of them were into tears, after performing “Mariage D’amour” by Richard Clayderman, according to the news.

China’s Got Talent,” a weekly program of Dragon TV in China, is just among the worldwide versions of Simon Cowell‘s “Got Talent” franchise.

Below is the video of Liu Wei as he performed his winning piece You’re Beautiful at China’s Got Talent last Sunday.

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