Area 51 Photo Shows Workers Attend To Titanium A-12 Spy-Plane Prototype Before It Crashes With Ken Collins In Utah

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A-12 Spy Plane at Area 51
Area 51 Photos Published
Image Credit: National Geographic

Area 51 photos published by the National Geographic has confirmed the existence of the titanium A-12 spy plane, as reported by several news sites.

A-12, created by Area 51‘s top-secret OXCART project,  is reportedly undetectable to radar, and could fly up to 2,200 miles an hour (3,540 kilometers an hour). While flying, the spy plane can capture images of objects about .3 meter long from a distance of 90,000 feet.

One of the revealed photo shows an upside down A-12 being checked by workers before subjecting it to radar testing at Area 51 in the late 1950s.

Reports say that the A-12 spy plane crashed in the Utah desert in 1963. Its pilot, Ken Collins, survived the crash as he was able to safely eject from the plane.

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