Arby’s finger on sandwich incident under investigation, restaurant apologizes, shutdown production

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After the so-called “Arby’s finger on sandwich” controversy surfaced, the Michigan restaurant shutdown its production and apologized, noting that the case is now under thorough investigation.

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According to a letter via pdf file posted at dated Thursday, May 17, 2012, Arby’s explained their side on the recent alleged piece of finger found inside their roast beef sandwich by a teen customer last week.

As explained on their letter, one of their employees in their franchised branch in Jackson, Michigan was injured and the restaurant team has already shutdown food production and cleaned the said franchised area.

Arby’s wants to reassure customers that we are committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment. We are deeply concern and apologetic to the guest involved in this unfortunate incident.” Arby’s Restaurant VP for Corporate Communication & PR John Gray wrote.

Arby’s has been in touch with its nationwide network of restaurants to reinforce training and safety protocols for our 66,000+ employees.” Mr. Gray added, noting that their team is fully cooperating with the local health department and the restaurant was advised to be open despite the incident.

Apparently, a 14-year old boy named Ryan Hart reportedly found a piece of finger inside a Arby’s sandwich that he bought last Friday at Arby’s branch at N. West Avenue, with Jackson County Health Department and local police confirming the incident.

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