April Fool’s Day Pranks: Public Warned of Fake News Items

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Project Virgle
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April Fool’s Day pranks are once more “on the loose” as the public is warned against fake news items, especially online. This was observed by International news sites, March 29, as April 1, or April Fool’s Day is at hand.

Fake News items, RSS feeds, tweets, headlines and even Google have had popular Google news hoaxes during April 1.  One of  Google’s April Fools’ Day pranks in the past was the Project Virgle which is supposed to be a Virgin group which would establish the first human settlement on Mars. Every year, Google has had popular April Fool’s Day pranks.

Facebook, the most popular social networking site will surely have its fair share of April Fool’s Day pranks. But Facebook admin has been continuously warning the public, not of pranks, but of genuine scammers who may be phishing for personal information to get hold of sensitive personal data like bank account numbers, phone numbers, passwords and similar information.

The UK media take active part on April Fool’s Day by running fake news items on their front page. The Guardian in 2009 announced that it would switch to Twitter and become

“The first newspaper in the world to be published exclusively via Twitter, the sensationally popular social network service that has transformed online communication.”

It also ran an April Fool’s Day fake news item in 1987 with the “first picture ever taken” which was about a picture being discovered in Japan.

There will be more media and Internet sites participating with their own April Fool’s Day pranks this 2011, so the public is pre-warned to know how to discern genuine news from a fake news item

This video is about the most awesome pranks in the past years uploaded by Break.

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