Approximately 250,000 People Protest in Central London Streets Due to Public Spending Cuts

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London – Different international news agencies reported that an estimated 250,000 protesters, led by TUC (Trades Union Congress), marched peacefully through Central London as a show of protest to the toughest cut of pubic spending since World War II. Commander Bob Broadhurst of the Metropolitan Police has confirmed the report.

There were nine people arrested, for public disorder and criminal damage.

Police said that 28 people had been injured during the demonstration, and seven were admitted to hospitals for different problems, including shortness of breath and a suspected hip fracture. Five police officers were also injured and one of those had to be treated in hospital for a groin injury.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s coalition government proposed to have an estimated 80 billion pounds ($130 billion) of public spending cuts as a solution to the country’s large budget deficit. Public cuts will result to lost of half million public sector jobs. Furthermore the government has already raised sales tax.

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