Apple: “Tomorrow is just another day” iTunes Announcement

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Internet users visiting website today will be greeted by an intriguing message:

Tomorrow is just another day.
That you’ll never forget.

Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes

The message also shows 4 clocks showing 7AM California, 10AM New York, 3PM London and 12 Midnight Tokyo.

Tech and News Sites share some of their wild speculations on this Apple iTunes announcement. ZDNET and Engadget guess that it has something to do with iOS 4.2 or probably a new iTunes (maybe a streaming one) or some cool apps for AppleTV. PCMag seems to agree on the iOS 4.2 related ideas and shares that it might even be a cloud-based iTunes.

Other websites share their different guesses but most seem to agree on one thing: that this Apple iTunes announcement will be a hit once its officially announced to the public. reported on their site that Apple did not immediately reply to their requests for more information.

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