Apple suppliers list released for the first time

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Apple Inc. released for the first time on Friday, January 13, 2012 its list of major suppliers, along with its 2012 “Supplier Responsibility Progress Report“.

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According to Apple on its official website that day, the company conducted 229 audits last year throughout their supply chain, which is an 80-percent increase over 2010 and over 100 first-time audits.

“We continue to expand our program to reach deeper into our supply base, and this year we added more detailed and specialized audits that focus on safety and the environment.” A statement reads at

“In 2011, in addition to our standard audits, we launched a specialized auditing program to address environmental concerns about certain suppliers in China.” Apple added, noting that they always checked for compliance with environmental standards.

“We uncovered some violations and worked with our suppliers to correct the issues. We will expand our environmental auditing program in the coming year.” Apple explained further, citing that third-party environment experts had worked with them during the audit.

The Apple suppliers list, which was compiled in alphabetical order via a pdf file posted on their official website, consists of 156 companies, accounting for 97 percent of what the company’s procurement expenditures for materials, manufacturing and assembly for its products worldwide.

Among the giant electronic companies included in the Apple‘s list are Intel and Nvidia, both makers of chips for Apple’s Macintosh computers, as well as Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, and Panasonic, which among the company’s supplier for other parts.

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