Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2 No More Home Button?

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Rumors are circulating on different technology news sites that the upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will no longer have the Home button.

According to unconfirmed reports currently circulating on the web, Apple already has employees testing buttonless iPads and iPhones. It was said that the release of iOS 4.3 has given some clues on what to expect on the upcoming Apple devices. The addition of the multi-touch gestures to the iPad with iOS 4.3 was said to be because of Apple‘s plan to remove the Home button. Instead of tapping the button, a new multi-touch gesture will be used to navigate to the home screen.

Buttonless iPad and Iphone
iPad and iPhone with No Home Button
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The rumor drew mixed reactions:

“…It could very well happen. For those of us who know and love our Apple gestures, it wouldn’t be a very big change. And of course there’s the added feature of increased screen real estate. When you consider that you’re effectively adding an inch to the trailing edge of the screen, that opens up a whole bunch of extra pixel space,” Brad McCarty of posted on his blog.

Seth Weintraub of raised some things to consider:

1. How do you do a hard reset without a home button?
2. And what about people without all of their fingers?
3. The physical home button is still functioning when the touch panel interface crashes. Soft buttons and gestures crash here too.
4. There are too many reasons to need a home button for us to believe this. Maybe the home button moves to the bottom?

Some unconfirmed reports said that the iPad 2 is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2011 while the iPhone 5 is likely to follow by June.

Only Apple knows whether this rumor is true or not.

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