Apple iPhone 4 ad features AT&T and Verizon together, ‘Two is better than one’ (Video)

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The latest Apple iPhone 4 ad campaign features AT&T and Verizon together for the first time in one commercial, , with the tagline ‘Two is better than one’, as shown in the video below.

iPhone 4 ad AT&T and Verizon
Photo credit: Dalemcbroom/YouTube

The 30-second new iPhone 4 commercial video showing AT&T and Verizon at the same time came along only two days after Verizon released its first iPhone commercial entitled ‘It begins’, without the AT&T.

While playing the tune of Johann Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz, two iPhone 4 units can be seen almost beside to each other, being held by two left hands while their right hands do the show doing the same task at the same time.

After each phone showing the iPhone 4 features, the logo of AT&T and Verizon appears, with AT&T that can be read first; then follows the tagline ‘Two is better than one’, and ended with iPhone 4 logo.

As noted by MG Siegler on his post at TechCrunch, the ad seems to make sense for Apple, since both AT&T and Verizon are their vital partners and neither of them should be alienated; which is also why Verizon instead of Apple, which made the first announcement of iPhone 4 recently.

iPhone 4 commercial AT&T and Verizon together
Video credit: Dalemcbroom/YouTube

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