Apple iPad 2 production now going on, may be launched this April

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The production of Apple iPad 2 is now going on, and Mashable says that it may be launched two months from now, and apparently may fall on the first anniversary of its predecessor, the first Apple iPad, on April 3, 2011.

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As reported at The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Apple has started producing the iPad 2 tablet computer with a built-in camera and has a faster processor, and will be thinner and lighter than the first one.

The Apple iPad 2 will be initially available through AT&T and Verizon Wireless, but not to Sprint and T-Mobile, as told by a source to the journal.

The iPad 2 will have 2 cameras (front and back) but the display resolution will be the same as the first iPad, along with SD slot, although there might not be no slot for USB.

Apple reportedly has sold about 14.8 million units of the iPad, with almost $5 billion in sales as of December 2010, which currently costs from $499 and $829 each.

Meanwhile, Elton John is being rumored to be among the first who will buy new iPad, which he will use to communicate with his infant son, Zachary.

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