Apple iOS 4.3 now available at iTunes, iTunes 10.2.1 released

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Apple iOS 4.3 is now available at iTunes, as announced by Apple on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at around 1 pm (EST), apparently two days ahead of schedule.

Apple iOS 4.3
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According to Apple, updates for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are now available, and users can now update their devices by connecting them to iTunes and clicking the “Check for Update” button.

As per Apple CEO Steve Jobs‘ announcement during the recent event, iOS 4.3 should be launched on Friday, March 11, together with the release of iPad 2, but Apple decided to release iOS 4.3 two days earlier.

Among the special features of the updated software include stream movies, wherein users can enjoy from home computer to their iPad or other iOS device.

In addition, Apple said that iOS 4.3 includes speed enhancements with JavaScript for the Safari Web browser, as well as Personal Hotspot as its major feature.

With Personal Hotspot, iPhone 4 users can share their 3G data connection over Wi-Fi, which will work for major carriers including AT&T. iOS 4.3 is not available for Verizon iPhone 4.

One day earlier, Apple has released an updated version of iTunes 10.2; the iTunes 10.2.1 which is also now available for download, less than a week after 10.2 was released.

Interestingly, the description of the updated version is the same as the first one, which was released on Friday, March 2, 2011.

But while Apple did not elaborate further the difference between the two versions, technical news sites revealed that the changes were minor.

One of them is the improved Home Sharing, where users can play music from their iTunes library on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over Wi-Fi using iOS 4.3.

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