Apple demand denied: Samsung smartphones sale allowed by judge, citing no link between sales loss and patent case

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A US federal judge denied Apple‘s demand of banning the sale of Samsung phones, reportedly noting that there was no evidence that there was a connection between the patent infringement and a loss of iPhone sales. Last August, Samsung was ordered to pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple over a patent case.

Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy S II

Apple iPhone (left) and Samsung Galaxy S II
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According to Apple Insider on Monday, December 17, 2012, which obtained a copy of the 23-page court order, Judge Lucy Koh denied that day the request of Apple to ban the sales of 26 Samsung products permanently and also rejected a request motion by Samsung for a new trial over the alleged jury misconduct.

As noted in the report, the judge said on her decision that Apple‘s argument on their claim that the iPhone sale decline and revenue from lost customers over alleged Samsung‘s infringement in design is not sufficient enough to ban the sale of the affected Samsung products, which include the Galaxy S II.

“While Apple has presented evidence that design, as a general matter, is important to consumers more broadly, Apple simply has not established a sufficient causal nexus between infringement of its design patents and irreparable harm,” Judge Lucy Koh was quoted on her court order.

“Though evidence that Samsung attempted to copy certain Apple features may offer some limited support for Apple‘s theory, it does not establish that those features actually drove consumer demand.” Judge Koh added, with Apple saying that future iPhone sales would be lesser because of the alleged violation of Samsung.

Apparently, this latest development of the Apple vs Samsung case series comes after Samsung won a patent case over Apple in Tokyo, Japan also last August, which was related to transferring media content between devices. The US judge is yet to announce on what will happen to the $1.05-billion fine to Samsung.

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