Apple 1: Steve Job’s first personal computer sold in auction for $213,600

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Apple 1, Steve Job’s first personal computer in 1976 was sold in auction for $213,600 (£133,250), as announced at Christie’s auction blog.

According to international sites on Tuesday, an Italian businessman and private collector named Marco Boglione bought the single unit of Apple 1 for $213,600 and made the bid through phone.

The unit was sold in its original package back in 1976, which includes a simple cardboard box, (see photo below) in which about 200 units were produced.

Steve Wozinak, one of the co-founders of Apple, was said to be present at the auction and said that the sale was ‘an attempt to help people move the world forward’.

As reported earlier, Christie announced that a unit of the 1976 Apple 1 will go on auction sale for $160,300 up to $240,000 (£100,000 – £150,000) starting November 23, 2010.

Back in July of 1976, a unit of Apple 1 is being sold for $666.66 were only available for 15 months, but it officially ended in October 1977.

Below are among the specifications of Apple 1, which consist the unit that was sold for $213, 600.

Apple 1 Motherboard

Printed circuit board with 4 rows A-D and columns 1-18

Three capacitors

8K bytes of RAM

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