Apple 1: Steve Job’s first personal computer in 1976 for auction sale to as much as $240,000

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Apple 1 is Steve Job’s first personal computer in 1976, and one of them is now for sale to as much as $240,000, according to an auction sale posted at

According to Christie’s Auction House, the bidding price for a single unit of Apple 1 computer will be from $160,300 up to $240,000 (£100,000 – £150,000), and will start on November 23, 2010.

Apple 1, the first computer that started in all and was the inspiration for Steve Jobs until this time of Apple iPad and the rest, was assembled and shipped from the garage at the house of Steve Job‘s parents.

As explained on the post, the Apple 1 went on sale priced at $666.66 in July 1976 and they were dispatched in a simple cardboard box, and Christie said they are selling a unit in its complete original packaging.

The numbers of Apple 1 units sold were not identified but they were only available for 15 months and officially ended in October 1977, with around 200 units produced.

Below are among the specifications the Apple 1 and the unit for sale was said to still have all of them.

Apple 1 Motherboard

Printed circuit board with 4 rows A-D and columns 1-18

Three capacitors

8K bytes of RAM

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