Annoying Orange From YouTube To Be Shown On TV (Video)

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Annoying Orange
Image Credit: TV Guide

Annoying Orange is extending its popularity from YouTube to home television with six 30-minutes episodes, according to a report by Deadline Hollywood.

The television series will feature an orange fruit with human eyes and mouth that annoys every fruit around it.

Dane Boedigheimer, creator of Annoying Orange, is working with The Collective on the six-episode project.

The six episodes will be written by Tom Sheppard, writer of Pinky and the Brain.

Annoying Orange on TV will have Conrad Vernon, co-director fo Monsters vs. Aliens, as executive producer.

The orange fruit will have the voice of Malcolm McDowell.

The YouTube sensation has over 500 million views and ranked as the eighth most subscribed channel. It has over seven million fans on Facebook. The annoying fruit app is in the top 10 of the iTunes rankings.

Below is an uploaded YouTube video of Annoying Orange by realannoyingorange.

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