Angry Pokwang caught on video posted at You Tube?

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Actress-comedian and TV host Pokwang was caught on video and was posted at You Tube Video yesterday, but she denies that it is for real, as reported by ABS-CBN today.

Yesterday, someone with the username secretCAM10 uploaded a video at You Tube showing an angry Pokwang, while wearing traditional Korean clothing called hanbok on a photo shoot.

Apparently, the video with the title “POKWANG NAPAMURA” showed Pokwang shouting to some staff and even throwing things, kicking chairs, while the people around her seem to be quiet and scared.

On the last part of the video, Pokwang noticed that she is being caught in the video, in which she shouted to the camera and commanded to stop it from filming.

Pokwang, who is also among the host of Pilipinas Win na Win posted a message on her official Twitter page and cleared things, ABS-CBN said.

The ABS-CBN talent said that the video was part of the promotion for her upcoming commercial for Globe, Pokwang said on a post published at ABS-CBN website.

“Sa mga biktima ng commercial ko sa YouTube at FB relax lang kayo part ‘yan ng promo para paingayin ang Globe Muzta acting na acting diba?”

(“To all who got offended by my video at You Tube and Facebook, just relax since it is only a part of the Globe Muzta promo strategy to make some noise, my act was convincing, wasn’t it?”), Pokwang said on her tweet.

Below is the controversial video at You Tube showing an ‘angry’ Pokwang.

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