Angry Birds Rio: Rovio new game app ties up with Fox movie Rio (Video)

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Rovio is set to release a new game app called Angry Birds Rio, which apparently ties up with the upcoming Fox animated movie Rio which will be shown in theaters on April 15, 2011, as the game trailer was uploaded at YouTube by RovioMobile and was announced via Twitter on Friday.

Angry Birds Rio
Photo credit: RovioMobile/YouTube

The 1:27-minute Angry Birds Rio trailer, which can be watched below, is the latest version of the Angry Birds game, made in partnership with 20th Century Fox movie studio, in which the game is being expected to fetch millions of dollars.

Apparently, the Angry Birds characters will not appear in the movie but Rio, the bird character in the movie will appear in this latest version of the Angry Birds game.

As shown in the end of Angry Birds Rio trailer, the new Angry Birds game will be available for download on March 2011 in app stores worldwide for smartphones and tablets.

Earlier reports revealed that an Angry Birds animated series is now developing and will probably be available in TV or online.

Since its launch back in December 2009, Angry Birds was said to have reached more than 50 million downloads, and is still on top ranks higher than than any other title.

Angry Birds Rio trailer
Video credit: RovioMobile/YouTube

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