Angry Birds Easter Seasons Game Updates 2011 For Android, iPhone and iPad (Video)

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Angry Birds Easter Seasons Update
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Angry birds game updates of Rovio Mobile will release Angry Birds Seasons Easter this week, according to reports by several international sites.

The Easter update of Angry birds will feature 15 levels of little pigglets dressed in as bunnies, wearing extremely cute bunny ears, and a collection of candies and eggs. All user game weapons however, remains unchanged.

Angry Birds Easter Season is a follow up to the previous seasons updates that include Christmas seasons, and St. Patty’s Day.

Rovio Mobile recently released Angry Birds Rio at Amazon.

The new Easter Angry Birds updates will be available for Android, iPhone and iPad for a limited time.

Below is a teaser YouTube video of Angry Birds Easter Seasons uploaded by RovioMobile.

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