Angelina Jolie visits Lampedusa as UN goodwill ambassador on World Refugee Day 2011 (Video)

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Angelina Jolie visited Lampedusa as UN goodwill ambassador on Monday, June 20, 2011, World Refugee Day 2011, as shown in the video below.

Angelina Jolie visits Lampedusa as UN goodwill
ambassador, with UNHCR Chief António Guterres on
June 20, 2011, World Refugee Day 2011

Image Credit: J. Tanner/

According to international news sites on Monday, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie visited some asylum seekers in different detention centers in Lampedusa, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

As noted at People that day, the 36-year Hollywood star made a surprise visit to Lampedusa after going to a detention cell in Malta where she talked to some refugees particularly women.

Malta has saved many lives, but it is the daily conditions on the ground that are of most concern,” Angelina Jolie was quoted at Malta Today on Sunday.

“We’ve spent time today speaking with the government and will spend more time talking about how, together, we can make the conditions more humane, especially for the children.” Jolie added, who also visited Syrian refugees in southern Turkey two days earlier.

Apparently, UNHCR reported on its official website that as of this year, more than 40,000 people have risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea on overcrowded boats but eventually reached Lampedusa.

“When we have so many conflicts at the gates of Europe, the most important thing a country can do is keep their borders open.” UNHCR Chief António Guterres was quoted on the report and was with Angelina Jolie during her visit to Lampedusa.

Angelina Jolie visits refugees as UN Goodwill Ambassador
Video Credit: telegraphtv/YouTube

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