Angelica Panganiban tweets Phil Younghusband’s showbiz career, Azkals fans react

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Manila, Philippines – Local actress Angelica Panganiban tweeted her opinion on English-Filipino football player Phil Younghusband’s interest in showbiz on Thursday, but some Azkals fans reacted.

Angelica Panganiban and Phil Younghusband
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According to ABS-CBN News, Angelica Panganiban posted on Twitter and apparently not happy about the supposed movie of Phil Younghusband.

“Si Phil may indie film? Akala ko ba football player siya??? Lahat na lang artista na. Sad.” Angelica Panganiban tweets.

(Does Phil have an Indie film? I thought he is a football player??? Everyone wants to enter showbiz. That’s sad.)

“Masama. Sana lang mag-focus muna silang lahat sa Football. Para sa Pinas kasi yun. #justsayin’ after na lang ng tourny mag artista,” The ‘Banana Split’ star added.

(It’s bad. I hope they first focus on Football. That’s for the country. Maybe after the tournament, then they can join showbiz)

Apparently, some Azkals fans were not happy with her opinion and reacted, with a few ones using hurting words.

happiemom808 said: “@IamAngelicaP thats their life! Di pag may opportunity na edi i-grab na! Ikaw nga hindi nag-aral dahil gusto mo mag artista!!!!”

(That’s their life! If there’s an opportunity, then grab it! You did not study because you want to join showbiz!!!)

anilmorales tweeted: “@IamAngelicaP bakit? wala kang pakialam kung kami ni phil or not in the same way wla karing pakialama kung may movie siya oh wala!”

(Why? It’s not your business if Phil and I have a relation and in the same way that it’s not your business if he has a movie or not!)

Later, Angelica appealed to her critics on Twitter and some of her followers supported her.

“Ang kitid ng utak ng iba. Di ko sinasabing ang gusto ko eh ako lang ang artista. Kung gusto pala nya mag artista, sana di na sya nag-football.” She tweeted.

(Some of here are narrow-minded. I did not say that I only wanted that I should be the only to be in showbiz. If he wanted to join showbiz, then he should have not been into football.)

im_so_MARIE said: “@IamAngelicaP Tama ka!! Sobrang nakaka lungkot.. pano sila makaka focus sa sports nyan kung magaartista sila? CHAKA!!!”

(You’re correct. It’s really sad. How can they focus on the game if they will join showbiz?)

Back in 2008, Phil Younghusband tried to enter showbiz when he joined GMA-7’s singing contest ‘Celebrity Duets’. He was then rumored to be dating with Rhian Ramos.

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