Ang Lee In-N-Out burger Oscars celebration caught on camera (Photo)

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Ang Lee was seen eating an In-N-Out burger in the streets of Hollywood, right after the 2013 Oscars on Sunday, February 24, 2013, as shown in the photo below, which seemed to be his reward to himself after winning the Best Director for his film “Life of Pi.” The image is now going viral, after it was featured at TMZ and Vanity Fair.

Ang Lee In-N-Out Oscars

Ang Lee, eating an In-N-Out burger
Image Credit: Edward Menicheschi Twitter

As noted at Vanity Fair this Monday, Edward Menicheschi, the magazine’s publisher, posted the photo of Ang Lee on Instagram, wearing a tuxedo. The left hand of the Oscar-winning director was holding his Best Director trophy, while his right hand is busy putting his In-N-Out burger into his mouth.

“I’m a little tired. Holding this and taking photos for hours.” Lee was quoted telling to Speakeasy, the entertainment column of Wall Street Journal, after arriving in a nightclub in Los Angeles on Monday at around 1 am for the celebration of his “Life of Pi” film winning four Oscar awards.

“The whole place seems to be very happy when I win. And they stood up and there were cheers. So that was very touching, you know?” The Taiwanese-born American film director added.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, movie god. I really need to share this with all 3,000. Everybody who worked with me on Life of Pi. I want to thank you for… I really want to thank you for believing in this story and share this incredible journey with me.” Lee said on his acceptance on Sunday, as he received a standing ovation.

“I cannot make this movie with the help of Taiwan. We shot there. I want to thank everybody there helped us. Especially the city of Tai Chong. My Indian crew, I love you. My Canadian crew, I love you” Lee added, who also thanked his wife as they celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this summer.

Lee, 58, also won the Oscars‘ Best Director award in 2006 for his film “Brokeback Mountain,” which had 8 nominations in the 78th Academy Awards and won 3 of them. Nevertheless, his most Oscar-nominated film was “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which had 10 nominations.

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