Ancient Ship Found By Archaeologist Near Ostia Antica In Rome

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Ancient Ship
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Archaeologists excavated the upper section of one of the largest ancient vessels near Rome, according to reports by several international news sites.

The section of the ancient ship, found without its bow and stern, measures about 11 meters (36 feet) long. It was unearthed in the area close to the Ostia Antica, a major port in the Tiber River some 2,500 years ago.

The ancient wooden vessel was discovered, 4 meters (13 feet) deep in the ground while repairs are being done in a bridge that connects Ostia to Fiumicino.

Reports say that the ship was believed to have sailed the Mediterranean during the Roman empire years.

According to Anna Maria Moretti, the restoration of the ship “will be an extremely delicate operation.” She added that their team is “keeping it constantly covered in water so that the wood doesn’t dry out” and the “wreck must be treated with highly sophisticated preservation techniques.”

Moretti is an archaeological superintendent for Rome and Ostia.

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