Ancient Shark Fossil Found In Kentucky Mine By Jay Wright

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Shark Fossil In Kentucky Mine
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A 300-million-year-old black shark jawbone fossil was discovered in February 24, 2011 by a miner in Webster County Coal’s Dotiki Mine in Central Kentucky, according to several international sites.

Jay Wright, a 25-year-old miner, found the shark fossil deep in the mine while bolting a roof about 700 feet below the ground.

The ancient shark fossil, believed to be from the Edestus genus, is now on display at the University of Kentucky‘s Mines and Minerals building.

The newly discovered large shark fossil is very rare, according to Jerry Weisenfluh, Associate Director of the Kentucky Geological Survey in Lexington.

Below is the statement of Jay Wright about his discovery of the Ancient shark fossil.

I noticed some flaky rocks in the roof, and a small piece of rock fell. When I used a pry bar to remove some more of the rock, I caught sight of something else. Part of it was already loose. All I had to do was grab it and pull it out.

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