Ancient Rome Structure Discovered in Norfolk, England (Photo)

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An ancient Rome winged structure, believed to be used as a temple, was discovered in Norfolk, eastern England near the southern ancient town of Venta Ecenorum, according to reports by several international news sites on Monday, January 23, 2012.

Ancient Roman Building
Ancient Rome building location
Image Credit: William Bowden

The ancient Rome structure, estimated to have been built around 1,800 years ago, reportedly puzzled archaeologists because the building has no known parallels. There are two wings that starts from two separate rectangular room leading all the way to a central room. Its winged shape structure makes it unique from all other ancient Roman Empire structures.

Reports say that a thin layer of rammed clay and chalk was used in the foundation of the two winged building.

According to University of Nottingham professor William Bowden, the use of such materials “suggests that the superstructure of much of the building was quite light, probably timber and clay-lump walls with a thatched roof.”

The foundation of the central room that connects the two wings was made strong materials that include lime mortar mixed with clay and small pieces of flint and brick.

Bowden, who teamed up with the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, reported the discovery of the Ancient Rome winged structure in the Journal of Roman Archaeology.

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