Ancient meteorite crashes into the roof of Comette family’s house in Paris

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An ancient meteorite recently crashed into the roof of the house of French family in suburban Paris, according to various news sites on Monday, October 10, 2011.

Martine Comette (left) holding the egg-sized meteorite

Coincidentally, the people living in that house in Draveil, about 12 miles south of Paris, and returned from their vacation, are the Comettes.

As noted in the reports, the Comette family was on a vacation a few weeks ago when the meteor crashed the house and only learned about it when their roof started leaking.

“We got the roof tiler round and he was astounded,” Martine Comette was quoted as saying.

“You need to be Superman to break a tile like that! It must be a meteorite, ” he added.

Meanwhile, scientists told The Telegraph that the rare meteorite was the first space rock discovered very close to Paris and is only one of the only about 60 meteorites that landed in France in the past four centuries.

On the other hand, mineral scientist and meteor hunter Alain Carion noted that the meteorite is an iron-rich celestial rock known as a “chondrite”, which was easily identified through a “black fusion crust that characterizes the crossing of the Earth’s atmosphere”.

Nevertheless, Carion stressed out that the 3oz egg-sized object came from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and may be around 4.57 billion years old.

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