Ancient Babylon ruins to be restored to regain old glory

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The Babylon ruins will soon regain its old glory, as the World Monument Funds (WMF) is currently working with the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) of Iraq, to rehabilitate and reconstruct it for tourism. According to WMF, the former ancient city, ruled by Nebuchadnezzar II, has been left out since the US invaded Iraq in 2003.

The restoration plan may take years to be realized, but this is the first time that archaeologists and preservationists showed an optimistic move to to protect and restore parts of Babylon and other ancient ruins of Mesopotamia. Excavation of new areas are also being secretly undertaken as the WMF believes that there is still a lot to be discovered and unearthed.

Although the foundation of the ruins of Babylon is currently being washed out by salt water and erosion, Jeff Allen of WMF is optimistic that the city can be restored to its former glory. The ruins is now being encroached by continued development in the area.

The WMF together with SBAH have drafted a conservation plan to deal with the continued fall of “Babylon’s mud-brick ruins and reverse some of the effects of time and [Sadaam] Hussein’s propagandistic and archaeologically specious re-creations” that include the huge palace he built in the 1980s, according to LA Times.

In November of 2010, the US State Department has granted $US2 million for the preservation of the ruins of Babylon. The restoration will include the foundation of the Ishtar Gate adorned with brick reliefs of Babylonian gods Marduk and Adad. The Babylon restoration project is considered as Iraq’s biggest and most ambitious yet, as it reflects the importance of the ancient city’s fame and its resonance in Iraq’s modern political and cultural heritage.

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