Amtrak Crash in Nevada: Casualties Are Rising

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A truck blazing in fire slammed into the side of the Amtrak train in Reno, Nevada, Friday afternoon, 24 of June 2011, which resulted to a vast fireball, according to several international reports on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

Amtrak Train Crash
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Earlier reports said that this freaky incident claimed five (5) lives, but, officials said as of June 26, 2011, casualties were raised to six (6) and about 20 individuals were hurt.

Investigators planned to check the background of the truck driver, which includes his license and medical records.

National Transportation Safety Board Spokesman Peter Knudson was quoted saying, “They’ll also check to make sure railroad lights and crossing gates were working.”

The driver made an effort to slow down at the last minute, but he failed to stop it, as noted by Nevada State Police.

Wide skid-marks from the truck were also found by the officials, showing that the driver had hit the brake, reports said.

Before the incident happened, it was said that the truck was going northbound on U.S. 95 and the gates were working properly, as well as the warning lights.

Amtrak train crash in Nevada
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