America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48 semifinalists announced, Big Barry in, Tim Poe out (Complete list)

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The names of America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48 semifinalists have been revealed on Wednesday, June 27, 2012, where novelty singer Big Barry is included but controversial Tim Poe is out. The complete list of the Top 48 is available below, as summarized from, who will later be judged based on fan votes.

Big Barry (wearing white suit), during his audition
at America’s Got Talent 2012 in Tampa, Florida,
with show judge Howard Stern also on stage

Image Credit: NBC video

As featured at NBC on Wednesday night on Day 3 of the Las Vegas Week, the three America’s Got Talent Season 7 judges composed of Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern have narrowed down the 100+ acts into Top 48 semifinalists who moved forward to compete in New York next week.

Apparently, Big Barry, the 70-year old ‘teenager’ who stands at 4’10” and almost did not make it during his audition at Tampa, Florida as aired early last week, is included in the AGT 2012 Top 48 semifinalists; while Tim Poe, who won the hearts of millions with his singing talent and story, is not included.

During Big Barry‘s audition, as shown in the video below, his singing talent did not seem to please Stern, who pressed the buzzer while he is still singing; but his stage presence later convinced Mandel and won his approval. Osbourne voted ‘no and Stern changed his mind later as he went to him on stage and eventually voted ‘yes’ to him.

For Tim Poe, who said during this audition that he suffered an injury in Afghanistan back in 2009 but Minnesota National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Kevin Olson said early this month that he is a fraud, E! noted that the recent elimination was filmed last month, which means he was eliminated based on his performance.

* America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48 semifinalists:

1. 787 Crew, dance crew
2. All Beef Patty, drag queen
3. All That!, clogging crew
4. All Wheel Sports, stunt BMX team
5. American BMX Stunt Team, stunt BMX team
6. Aurora Light Painters, light painting group
7. Ben Blaque, crossbow act
8. Big Barry, novelty singer
9. Cristin Sandu, balancing act
10. Danielle Stallings, singer
11. David “The Bullet” Smith, human cannonball
12. David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, performance art
13. Donovan Jones and Becky Peache, aerialists
14. Edon, singer
15. Elusive, break dancer
16. Eric Dittleman, mind-reader
17. Eric & Olivia, vocal group
18. Hawley Magic
19. Horse, nut-shot act
20. Inspire the Fire, singing and dancing group
21. Jacob Williams, comedian
22. Jake Wesley Rogers, singer
23. Jarrett & Raja, magicians
24. Joe Castillo, sand art
25. LCD – Lisa Clark Dancers
26. Light Wire Theater, glow-light dance group
27. Lil Starr, dancer
28. Lindsey Norton, dancer
29. LionDanceMe, dance troupe
30. Michael Nejad, novelty musician
31. Nikki Jensen, singer
32. Olate Dogs, animal act
33. Rock Star Juggler Mike Price
34. Sebastien “El Charro de Oro”, mariachi singer
35. Shanice & Maurice, father-daughter group
36. Spencer Horsman, escape artist
37. The All Ways, band
38. The Distinguished Men of Brass, brass band
39. The Scott Brothers, dance duo
40. The Untouchables, dance crew
41. Tim Hockenberry, singer
42. Todd Oliver & Irving, comedian/ventriloquist
43. Tom Cotter, comedian
44. Turf, street dancer
45. Ulysses, singer
46. Unity in Motion, dance troupe
47. William Close, “Earth harp” musician
48. Wordspit and the Illest, band

Big Barry, on his audition at America’s Got Talent 2012
Video Credit: AmericanBestTalent/YouTube/NBC

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