Americans voted world’s “Funniest” people, Germans the “Least Funny”

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Americans were voted to be the “funniest people“, while the Germans were voted as the “least funny“, according to a recent poll conducted at

As noted at international news sites on Thursday, June 9, 2011, social site asked its members to name both the “funniest” and “least funny” nationalities in the world.

Apparently, 30,000 people from 15 countries around the world have responded and voted America to be the “world’s funniest country” while Germany was the “least funny“.

According to, the first question was “Which nationality, excluding your own, do you feel is the funniest and/or best at making people laugh?”

Later, the respondents were asked “Which nationality do you feel is the LEAST funny and/or good at making people laugh?”

For the first question, American landed on the top answer and followed by Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, French, Mexican, British, Dutch, Russian and Belgian.

For the second question, German was voted as the “least funny” and followed by Russian and Turkish, with the online poll conducted on April and May 2011.

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