American tourist left behind by boat in Australia; swims the sea to another boat

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An American tourist was reportedly left behind by the boat that brought him to an island in Australia; and later decided to swim the sea to get another boat.

Ian Cole, American tourist that was left behind at
Michaelmas Cay by Passions of Paradise tour boat

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As noted at on Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 28-year-old Ian Cole of Michigan was in Michaelmas Cay, Great Barrier Reef on Saturday, June 26, as a tourist.

Apparently, Cole said he was left behind by Passions of Paradise tour boat that brought him there so he decided to swim the sea and rode another boat.

He was reportedly snorkeling around Michaelmas Cay that afternoon and was about 50 kilometers from the land when he realized that Passions of Paradise had left without him.

“I was in shock when they told me my boat had left. I thought they were kidding,” Ian Cole told, referring to Coral Sea Dreams, an overnight tourist boat that he rode back.

“I nearly drowned. In my eyes, this is clearly a failure of the management to create an environment that promotes safety and competency.” Cole added.

According to the report, Passions of Paradise had 70 passengers when it reached Michaelmas Cay, but had only 69 passengers when it returned to Cairns, with Cole, passenger #17, being left behind around 15 minutes had passed.

However, Cole claimed that he did not like the reaction of Association of Marine Operators which looked on his case, particularly the statement of Col Mckenzie.

“This was nothing more than a single breach by one staff member not following the rules. He was trained and passed all the tests; he just didn’t do what he should have.” Col Mckenzie was quoted at

“That’s all. He has paid the price and lost his job.” Mckenzie added, noting that Cole was just seeking self-exposure, and wanted to be portrayed as a hero.

“I mean, his demands were unreasonable. He wanted a written apology. I think his requests were morally reprehensible,” Col Mckenzie explained.

Later, an apology letter signed by Passions of Paradise directors Alan Wallish and Beau McCormack was given to Cole, noting also that a free dinner for two worth $200 at the Salt House restaurant was given.

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