American Silent Movies found in Russia presented in Library of Congress

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Hundreds of American silent movies were said to be found in Russia and recently presented ten of them in Library of Congress, according to CNN.

According to the report, the Russian government found these American silent movies, in which they digitally preserved ten of them and returned them to US.

During the so-called ‘silent era’ which is from 1893~1930, a lot of these films were being distributed internationally just like today, as told by Congress Librarian James Billington to CNN.

Back in those days, American movie studios and theaters threw away old films but Russia kept them and preserved them to be restored someday, as Billington explained.

On Thursday, ten of the preserved ones were endorsed to the US Library of Congress by Presidential Management and Administration Department head Vladimir Kozhin, in which the remaining films will follow later.

CNN has a copy of the list of ten American silent films which were considered ‘lost’ but found by Russia, and are as follows.

Valley of the Giants (Famous Players, 1919)

You’re Fired (Famous Players, 1919)

The Conquest of Canaan (Famous Players, 1921)

Kick In (Famous Players, 1922)

The Call of the Canyon (Famous Players, 1923)

Canyon of the Fools (R-C Pictures, 1923)

Circus Days (First National, 1923)

The Eternal Struggle (Metro Pictures, Louis B. Mayer, 1923)

The Arab (Metro, 1924)

Keep Smiling (Monty Banks, 1925)

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