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American kid crying, after Jessica Sanchez did not win American Idol 2012 (Video)

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Updated: May 28, 2012 9:30 a.m.

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An American kid immediately cried, as shown in the video below, right after it was announced that Jessica Sanchez did not win the American Idol Season 11 title on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

American kid crying for Jessica Sanchez

American kid Laney, crying after Jessica
Sanchez lost from American Idol 2012

Image Credit: Kurt Alysa Hughes/YouTube

As featured at Fox on Wednesday night, Phillip Phillips won the American Idol Season 11 crown during the American Idol 2012 Finale and Jessica Sanchez lost and landed only as first runner-up.

Meanwhile, a YouTube user named Kurt Alysa Hughes uploaded a video that day with a description saying, “This is our daughter after the results for American Idol 2012 when Philip Philips won”.

Apparently, the American little girl, who is about 5 or 6 years old, named Laney is seen crying on her bed and her mother asked her why. “Jessica did not win,” Laney replied, as she continues to cry.

When her mother said that it is not really a big issue, Laney said Jessica is her favorite, with her mom repeatedly telling her that “the boy” won and Jessica lost, but the little girl seems to find it hard to accept the truth.

Later, the mother reversed her statement and told her little daughter that Jessica won and Phillip was sent home, but the little girl said that Phillip is still on the stage. Her mother then told her again that Phillip won the crown.

When Laney was about to get off her bed, her mother told her that Phillip is still singing on stage and asked her if she wants to watch him, the little girl said “no”. Her mother asked her if Phillip is a good singer and she said “No, he’s not”.

“You want to call the American Idol. You want to tell them that you are mad?” The mom asked the little girl, who replied by asking her mother if she knows the show’s number. The mother said “yes”.

On the last part of the video, Laney told her mother to call American Idol by herself but the woman said she is not mad. The mother apparently said ‘Ok’ probably just to end the conversation and for her daughter to stop crying.

Nevertheless, Jessica Sanchez was interviewed after the show and told reporters that she thinks “America made the right choice”, and that Phillip Phillips worked hard for it and put his heart and soul on it, despite having health issues.

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American kid cries after Jessica Sanchez lost the American Idol 2012
Video Credit: Kurt Alysa Hughes/YouTube

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