American Idol: Simon Cowell’s prediction now a reality, Carrie Underwood is Idol’s bestseller (Video)

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Carrie Underwood
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As reported, May 21, 2011, in various entertainment news sites, Carrie Underwood is now number one.

Apparently, during the fourth season of American Idol, Simon Cowell predicted that from the moment he first saw her and heard her sing, he mentioned three things.

Based on similar report, Simon Cowell was quoted saying, “A) I knew we’d found a star, B) She was gonna win, and C) I had this feeling that she was going to sell more records than anybody else.”

It was reported through Reality TV, that Kelly Clarkson, American Idol’s season one champion, ruled the Billboard: Idol 24 chart, last year; However, reports revealed thatCarrie Underwood has already overtaken her.

Allegedly, in the Neilsen report, as of May 16, Carrie Underwood has 12,296,000 albums and 18,482,000 digital tracks sold since winning season four of Idol surpassing Kelly Clarkson’s figure of 10,600,000 albums and 15,900,000 digital tracks sold since 2002.

As noted through related reports that it is coincidental that Idol’s only country winner has moved forward to number one in sales this year when the finale for the latest season of American Idol will feature two great country singers.

Purportedly, going to the finale,  Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina will without doubt be inspired by Carrie Underwood’s achievements.

Simon Cowell comments on Carrie Underwood
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