American Idol Season 10: Two Filipinos Made it to the Final 24

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Two lucky contestants of Filipino descent made it to the final 24 cut in the American Idol Season 10. Thialorei Lising Megia and Clint Jun Gamboa, had made it to the magic circle with their powerful voices. This was aired by AI10 to international audiences, February 24, 2011.

Thia Megia lives in California. She has also participated in “America’s got Talent” but did not win. Clint Jun Gamboa, on the other hand, also resides in California. Megia is only 15, while Gamboa is 26.

Gamboa was among the first selections, while Megia was one of the last two girls left in the group. She was the underdog, but she was Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler’s choice as the final 12th girl in the American Idol season 10. With host Ryan Seacrest, the contenders are ready for March 1, 2011 on live TV for millions of viewers around the world.

The names of the Final 24 American Idol Season 10 were announced earlier.

This video uploaded by nickirby666 shows Thia Megia in one of her auditions at the American Idol Season 10.

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